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Gianni D'Alerta


Gianni D’Alerta

A venerated technologist, branding specialist, and marketing maestro, he brings over two decades of invaluable industry experience to his role of co-founder and guide at Purple Horizons. Gianni’s professional journey began during the dot com boom and has seen him make significant contributions to industry-defining projects, including the development of Ethereum, where he was a founding member, and Alienware, where he crafted an iconic identity still recognized by millions today. His stellar track record in spearheading global branding initiatives, alongside his innovative work in the blockchain industry, underscores his commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology. Notably, Gianni co-founded Miami NFT Week, an event that brought together industry heavyweights and tech enthusiasts alike. With Purple Horizons, Gianni continues his mission of demystifying the complexities of emerging tech, ensuring businesses are not just prepared for the future, but are empowered to shape it. His vision for Purple Horizons is of a beacon guiding businesses towards their own horizon of limitless potential.