Purple Horizons: Kickstarting a Tech Revolution at Bougie’s Tech Tuesday


Unveiling Purple Horizons at Bougie’s Tech Tuesday

Imagine a place where the future of technology meets the pioneers of today. A place where innovation is not just a buzzword, but a way of life. This is what Purple Horizons is all about. We had the pleasure of introducing our dynamic hub to the tech community at the first-ever Bougie’s Tech Tuesday Happy Hour. The event, hosted at the vibrant Bougainvillea’s Tavern in South Miami, was a refreshing departure from the usual tech meetups.

More Than Just a Think Tank

Purple Horizons is not just a think tank. We are a dynamic hub of collaboration and innovation, dedicated to shaping the tech landscape. We merge hands-on exploration with actionable insights, bridging a diverse community of tech enthusiasts, from tinkerers to entrepreneurs. Our emphasis is on real-world applicability, forward-thinking trends, influencer engagement, and strategic partnerships.

Join the Purple Horizons Community

Whether diving into interactive workshops or joining forces with industry leaders, Purple Horizons offers free and premium opportunities through media, events, and discourse. We invite you to join our explorers club, subscribe to our newsletter, and tune into our podcast. Together, we can redefine the technology frontier, one discovery at a time.

Gratitude for Our Partners

We are immensely thankful to the team at Lab22c and Columbus High School Alumni for their invaluable contribution to the successful launch of Purple Horizons. Their support and collaboration have been instrumental in kickstarting this tech revolution.

Looking Forward to the Next Event

As we gear up for our next event, we invite you to participate in this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to elevate with us as we redefine the technology frontier.

A vibrant, tech-inspired tavern in South Miami during the Bougie's Tech Tuesday Happy Hour event, with people socializing and exploring technological devices around purple neon lights representing Purple Horizons.
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Questions to Ponder

As we wrap up this post, we leave you with a few questions to ponder:

  • How can you contribute to the tech revolution that Purple Horizons is spearheading?
  • What are some of the forward-thinking trends you would like to explore with us?
  • How can joining the Purple Horizons community benefit you personally and professionally?

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