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Welcome to the first edition of Purple Horizons. What’s a Purple Horizon? Glad you asked… But to answer that we need to go back in time a bit.

In 2005, the business landscape changed forever with the introduction of the Blue Ocean Strategy, a revolutionary approach to finding untapped market spaces and making competition irrelevant. Taking inspiration from this concept, we’ve been developing the idea of “Purple Horizons” – a new perspective on emerging technologies and their potential to shape future transformation in unprecedented ways.

Through this newsletter, our upcoming podcast, the Explorer’s Club, frameworks, and advisory services, we’ll dive deep into the possibilities that lie ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape and explore the methods and strategies for harnessing these developments for maximum success and growth.

TL;DR? We’re here to help you find the tech trends that matter, before anyone else, and help you capitalize on them for maximum growth.

So buckle up, because we’re in for an amazing journey across time!

Your guides,

Ralph & Gianni

📰 Purple Horizon News

🚧 From hand tools to self-driving excavators: Dive into the future of construction where robots not only boost efficiency but also promise a safer worksite. Discover how Built Robotics is paving the way for autonomous construction, one trench at a time. 🤖🏗️ (Link)

🔧 Amazon’s secret weapon in the AI race? Custom AWS chips designed to supercharge generative AI. While others lead the headlines, Amazon is quietly innovating behind the scenes, aiming to redefine the future of AI and cloud computing. 🚀 (Link)

🔬 Engineers are tattooing cells with nanoscale precision! Discover how these tiny “tattoos” on individual cells could revolutionize health monitoring, potentially providing early warnings for health issues before they escalate. 🚨 (Link)

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💻 The More You Know… Preparing for Generation Alpha

Is your business ready for ‘Generation Alpha’?

TL;DR Takeaways:

  • Generation Alpha are true digital natives, embracing technology from birth.
  • They are leveraging tech for self-guided, immersive learning and entertainment experiences.
  • This generation is disrupting traditional models of education and social interaction.

Generation Alpha, those born 2010 onward, are considered the first fully “digital native” generation. Growing up immersed in technology, they seamlessly navigate online spaces and absorb digital content effortlessly. With personalized learning systems, AR/VR experiences, and AI, they’re exhibiting a trend towards self-guided, interactive education and entertainment. These digital pioneers are challenging traditional models of learning, socializing, and interacting with their environment.

As Generation Alpha matures, they will emerge as a massive consumer force, likely surpassing their Millennial and Gen Z predecessors. (How massive exactly? Well, Roblox, an online game platform and game creation system that caters to this generation, touts 66.5 million daily active users! And that’s just one platform.)

Their purchasing decisions will be heavily influenced by digital experiences, personalization, and sustainability. Companies that invest in these areas, along with an online presence, will have an advantage. Their lifelong familiarity with e-commerce will make them discerning online shoppers, reshaping the landscape of consumer industries.

📠 Tech Time Capsule: The Fax Machine

Fax Machine

Today, we’re stepping back into the Tech Time Capsule to unearth the mighty Fax Machine.

A groundbreaking invention of its time, the fax machine became an emblem of 80s office tech, beaming documents across continents in mere minutes. Its history, however, extends further back than you might think. In 1843, Scottish inventor Alexander Bain worked on an early prototype. Yet, the fax machine’s heyday was undoubtedly the 1980s, revolutionizing business communication. Here’s a tidbit for history buffs: The Paris Peace Accords, which ended the Vietnam War, were sent via fax!

But beyond its iconic status, the fax machine laid crucial foundations for today’s communication technologies. Its basic principle of converting data into electronic signals and transmitting them is a precursor to how emails, instant messaging, and even some cloud storage functions operate. In essence, the fax served as an early model of digital data transfer, albeit tied to physical paper.

Now, as we delve deeper into an era of augmented reality communications, artificial intelligence, and 5G networks, it’s fascinating to ponder how foundational technologies like the fax can influence future innovations. The spirit of the fax — fast, efficient, and boundary-pushing communication — is alive in every WhatsApp message, every Zoom call, and perhaps, in the yet-to-be-invented communication marvels of tomorrow.

So, the next time you spot one of these vintage devices, remember you aren’t just glimpsing a relic of the past. You’re looking at a cornerstone that helped shape our digital communication landscape!

🍿 Purple Horizons Future Study: Netflix

Netflix Banner

Netflix’s business transformation story is an example of how a company can leverage technology to exponentially evolve and redefine an entire industry. They are an outstanding example of a company that has fully embraced a Purple Horizons mentality.

Beginning as a DVD rental-by-mail service in the late 1990s, Netflix challenged the prevailing late-fee model that was a cornerstone for video rental businesses, offering instead a subscription-based model with unlimited rentals.

However, the truly groundbreaking shift began in the mid-2000s, when Netflix seized the emerging opportunities of high-speed internet to pivot to an online streaming model. This move revolutionized the way audiences consumed media, giving them the freedom to watch an extensive library of TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere, marking the onset of ‘binge-watching’ culture.

Currently, Netflix continues to utilize technology to elevate the user experience, employing complex algorithms to personalize content recommendations, creating a unique, customized experience for each viewer. The company’s journey so far from a DVD-by-mail service to a streaming giant and significant content producer demonstrates the power of embracing technological changes to drive exponential business transformation.

So what’s next? How can Netflix continue to explore Purple Horizons?

Here are three ways Netflix can harness emerging tech to fuel its growth trajectory in the next decade:

Extended Reality (XR) Streaming:

Netflix can push boundaries by integrating Extended Reality (comprising Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) into its content streaming. Imagine being able to “step into” a scene of “Stranger Things” or walking the halls of “The Crown’s” Buckingham Palace!

Application: Using XR headsets, viewers can enjoy immersive experiences of their favorite shows. Netflix Originals could even produce content specifically designed for XR, offering a 360-degree viewing experience. AR could also allow users to interact with virtual characters in their living spaces or even bring up stats and info about a show in real-time.

Future Potential: As XR technology becomes more mainstream and affordable, this immersive form of content delivery could redefine ‘binge-watching’, offering a truly enveloping experience.

Blockchain and Decentralized Distribution:

Although blockchain is mostly currently associated with cryptocurrencies, its decentralized nature offers potential beyond finance. For Netflix, blockchain could revolutionize content distribution and user payments.

Application: By decentralizing distribution, Netflix can provide content without any central server, ensuring smoother streaming, especially in regions with lower bandwidth. This not only reduces costs but also can prevent outages and server-based issues. Additionally, incorporating cryptocurrency payments can cater to a global audience without traditional banking systems.

Future Potential: Blockchain can also help in combating piracy, ensuring content creators get their rightful royalties every time content is accessed, fostering trust within the entertainment industry.

AI-driven Personalized Content Creation:

While Netflix already uses AI for content recommendations, the next step is leveraging AI in content creation. AI-driven algorithms can analyze vast amounts of viewer data to determine plot points, character arcs, and even dialogues that resonate most with audiences.

Application: By analyzing viewing habits, preferences, pauses, rewatches, and more, Netflix can produce content that is hyper-tailored to viewer desires. It could even lead to dynamic shows that adapt in real-time based on user feedback or branching storylines where AI predicts and suggests viewer-preferred outcomes.

Future Potential: As AI models become more sophisticated, we might see the emergence of ‘living’ series or movies that evolve over time, ensuring that content remains evergreen and continually engaging.

Harnessing these emerging tech trends could position Netflix not just as a content delivery platform, but as a pioneer shaping the very future of entertainment.

How can emerging tech help transform your business?

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AI and the Awakening of Your ‘Second Brain’

Have you ever wished for a ‘Second Brain’ to seamlessly organize, process, and retrieve the avalanche of information you encounter daily? That wish might soon be a reality. Dive in with the visionaries behind Mem, Kevin Moody and Dennis Xu, and writer Nat Eliason, as they unpack the groundbreaking capabilities of AI. Explore how this tech wonder is set to redefine our relationship with data, amplifying the potential of our ‘Second Brain’ and transforming information chaos into clear, actionable knowledge.

Are we on the brink of a new era where our digital and organic minds synchronize flawlessly?

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💬 Inside the Explorer’s Club: Where Tech Conversations Ignite!

Dive into some of the riveting discussions unfolding in our exclusive Explorer’s Club:

🔮 Future Tech Impact: We explored which emerging technologies will revolutionize our daily lives in the next 5 years. A couple of tech frontiers clearly stood out. Want to know which ones? 👀

🌎 Tech for Global Good: Imagine crafting a tech solution to a pressing global issue. From harnessing consumer nuclear for optimal energy to gene-editing breakthroughs combating diseases, and innovative approaches to dismantle structural inequalities – our members shared some pretty visionary ideas.

💻 Show & Tell: Our Explorers are not just talk! Many showcased awesome projects they’re working on, and let’s just say, minds were thoroughly blown! 🤯

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